-----June 27th Update From Paul-----

The details about the proposed "voluntourism" trip to visit Fabio Rosa's solar projects in Amazonia are firming up.


Leaving Toronto late Friday night, Nov 18.
Arriving Toronto 6 am Monday, Dec 5. (prior to CanSia conference)


Flights down, Nov 18:
Air Canada #90 non-stop to Sao Paulo. Departing 10:15 pm Nov 18:
Tam Airways #3750 from Sao Paulo to Manaus. Departing 8:30 pm

Flights back, Dec 3:
Tam Airways #3749 Departing Manaus to Sao Paulo at 3:10
Dec 4: Air Canada #91 non-stop. Departing Sao Paulo 10:25 pm (arrives in Toronto Dec 5th @6:00am

The total cost for this flight package is currently $1,673 (including all taxes). This is a great price, based on advance booking. There are no overnight stops, and all flights are non-stop.

The cost of return flight from Manaus/Santarem/Manaus is $170 per person.


The daily rate for rooms (two beds) at the Alter do Chao resort is
$112. Single-bed rooms are also $112.

There is also the potential to rent a special overnight tourism Tapajos River boat for several days. This may work out well if the delegation is 10 or more, since the cost to rent the entire boat is $300 per day plus fuel costs.

Fabio Rosa has agreed to join us for this period, and we will be helping to install systems in the remote, off-grid village of Maripa. There will be ample time for eco-tourism activities.


1.You cannot enter Brazil without a visa, which can be arranged via  the Toronto consular office, or Ottawa embassy. You must first have  return flights booked in order to obtain the visa. I strongly  recommend you apply for a "tourist" visa, and not mention the  "volunteer" aspect.
2. You must have a valid passport to obtain the Brazil visa, and enter  Brazil.
3. You will need vaccinations applicable to the Amazon, which can be arranged through local health units.

Further details, photos, links and a list of the confirmed delegation members will be posted on this web page soon. Each person is responsible for obtaining their tickets, visas, vaccinations etc.

Hope you can join us!   -Paul

Discussions are underway for an expedition to the remote village of Alter Do Chao, on the Amazon River in Brazil.  Alter do Chão is known as the Caribbean Amazon for its combination of clear waters and sand. The objectives of the trip are to improve the living standards and both enable and encourage the education of he local inhabitants.

These will be achieved by building:

        - A PV-powered community water pumping station
        - A PV-powered lighting system for the village school,
        - A PV-powered internet station,
        - A PV-powered  a cell phone charging station

The plan is to assemble a group of like-minded people to assist with this work, plus explore the local area and the Amazon. The projects will be organized by the amazing activist-engineer Fabio Rosa . His foundation has trained technical staff, but Fabio would welcome volunteers from Canada to assist with this.

The trip was suggested by Paul McKay, who will be obtaining more information from Fabio.

Links about Fabio & his work:

        -Paul's intro letter about the trip
        -Article about Fabio by Paul
        -Fast Company article on Fabio

Links about the area:

        - Map of the Amazon
        - Amazon general info
        - Map of the local area
        - Description of the village
        - Practical visitor info
        - Acommodation: Hotel Beloalter
        - Possible Amazon boat cruises
EMPTY...Need info)
        - Adventure trips in the area
        - Seasonal temps
        - Other photos:
            -Pic 1
            -Pic 2
            -Pic 3
            -Pic 4

Amazon Community Assistance Expedition
Nov 18 to Dec 5, 2011